Watch the staff of on National Geographic TV!

Watch the staff of on National Geographic TV!

Diego discovers that old equipment in a store’s attic might just be a gold mine.

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City of Inglewood nominates for an environmental award.

July, 2010

The city of Inglewood nominated, Inc. for a SEED award.


About the SEED Awards
The SBBEC’s local government members strive to encourage and inspire environmental sustainability strategies. This group of members, the Cities Subcommittee, developed the SoCal Environmental Excellence Development (SEED) Awards Program to honor local individuals, groups, and businesses that have exhibited excellence in helping to improve environmental sustainability and quality of life in the South Bay.

Awards are presented to those who have made extraordinary efforts in any of the following areas:

– Environmental Leadership
– Pollution Prevention
– Education and Outreach
– Resource Preservation
– Innovation
– Steve Uselton Memorial Bridge-Builder Award

This unique event is the only such ceremony held in the South Bay, partnering businesses with local government and showcasing environmental leaders in their communities.

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United Nations to Address Waste Problem


The United Nations, 18 African countries, as well as non-governmental organizations, the private sector and academia today agreed on priority measures to reduce the environmental and health impacts of electrical and electronic waste on the continent.

Meeting at the headquarters of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, the Pan-African Forum on E-Waste also stressed that the electrical and electronic sectors have the potential to create green jobs and facilitate economic development.

Organized by the Secretariat of the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal and UNEP, with support from the Kenyan Government and private sector companies, including Dell, HP, Nokia and Philips, the Forum was the first event of its kind in Africa.

It focused on long-term solutions to the rising levels of obsolete mobile phones, refrigerators, televisions and other e-products in the continent.

Increasing domestic consumption of electronic products, as well as the ongoing import of waste electronics, such as used mobile phones, into Africa from other regions, means that the continent could generate a higher volume of e-waste than Europe by 2017, according to UNEP.

The Forum adopted a “Call to Action” initiative, which outlines eight priority areas to improve the environmentally-sound management of e-waste in Africa. They include the development of national systems to improve the collection, recycling, transport, storage and disposal of e-waste.


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What should I do with the hard drive on my computer?

Even after you format a hard drive, old files can still be accessed by many data recovery programs and free utilities. We use a data erasure program to ensure there is no recovery of data; the program meets the Department of Defense standards. In addition, we will give you a Certificate of Recycling as documentation that we recycled all computer parts and equipment in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

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